Methodist preachers, even in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, were circuit riders and traveled many miles each year on horseback spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establishing new churches along the circuit. During the early 19th century in America, the Methodist Episcopal Church was experiencing problems and divisions over issues such as the authority of the church and slavery.

On October 9, 1838, John B. Ryan sold approximately two (2) acres of land in Greene County to the Methodist Episcopal Church of the United States of America which provided the location for Liberty Methodist Church. From its humble inception in Greene County Liberty Church has been a prominent part in this area of what is now northeast Hale County Alabama.

There have been many preachers at Liberty Methodist Church since it was formed in the early 1800s. Robert Ramey, former Hale County School Superintendent, said all three (3) of his great-grandfathers were preachers of Liberty Methodist Church and Mark Smith (3rd Great-grandfather) was the first. Reverend Mark Smith is buried in an unmarked grave in the church cemetery.